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MAGPAK™ Packaging

As permanent magnets became stronger and stronger, the existing methods to package these advanced magnets for transport, storage and retail display fell further and further behind. National Imports LLC, a leading producer of magnetic products, sought to address this problem through the development of a system to safely contain and display strong permanent magnets in a retail environment. The MAGPAK™ system was developed in response to these unique challenges. The unique double tube design significantly reduces the magnetic attraction between displayed units and other ferrous objects such as metal shelving and package processing equipment. The child-resistant closure and ANSI Z535.4-2011 compliant safety label helps to ensure that the products are safely secured and conveys to the user the unique hazards of strong permanent magnets.

Today the MAGCRAFT® brand is a leader in permanent magnets. National Imports LLC originated the MAGPAK™ system and remains dedicated to providing the world's most advanced magnetic materials for science, innovation, engineering, and industry.

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